"Artist Thoughts"

Conceptualize the ideas and thoughts of my clients in a formulated design that comprehensively illustrates their goals.

" The Artist "

Hi, to those of you who wish to know who I am, I am Daniel "Redd" Burton. I am a Graphic Design graduate of Delta State University. By trade I am a certified automotive technician, and by pure joy I am a car enthusiast. My life long dream has been to follow up my idol Chip Foose, a world reknown custom car fabricator, and have my own custom car fabrication business. Combining my graphic design skills with my mechanical know how, will be the required tools I will use to propell myself and anyone who does business with me far beyond their wildest dreams. So if it is riding in a tricked out ride, or riding by a tricked out promotional sign, I am the man who can get the job done.